Witch’s Table

Without any hesitation, I can say that this is one of most detailed, if not the most detailed set that I’ve made so far! Also, it has some really different tweaks to it ;)

What is it all about? Well, first of all, some parts of this set can be used for real. Aside from the broom that could be used for brushing and the candle that really burns… But, the chalk included in the chalk box is also a real one as well and the witch’s runes with their mat as well. You can actually use them if you know how to read that type of runes!

Now, as for chalk. The whole table, but especially the tabletop, can be drawn on. It is actually a type of blackboard and chalk is provided to help you draw all the mystical symbols or whatever else you would like, on it! Cool? I know :)

Otherwise than that, all in this set is made by hand. Scrolls are hand inked and painted, so is the book. Book’s pages are hand-dyed and than saddle stitched, before being bound in hand-made faux leather, gilded and aged. And so on for handmade :P

Even the bottles of potions are made from the original handmade mold and the tree, face and all, is sculpted uniquely for this, so there’s just one of those. In short, everything is built from scratch.

All in all, I hope you like it :)